UX Design, Online Master's Degree
Balance clients' goals with users' perceptions to create products and systems that are as elegant as they are excellent.

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How To Apply

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Final Deadline - July 1

What are the benefits of an online Master's degree?

  • Earn a graduate degree in just 15 months
  • Maintain a work-life balance while studying
  • Learn from industry professionals 
  • Collaborate & network through 3 short residencies on campus
  • Develop projects that bolster student portfolios and resumes with industry partners

Why MICA? 

  • As a premiere college of art and design, MICA's reputation provides access to industry partners within the creative and technology sectors
  • Enrollment includes all the benefits of MICA's resources including career development services
  • Students join a larger academic and creative community that encourages cross-disciplinary engagement
  • Earn a master's degree credential from a prestigious institute of higher learning

UX Design leads to the optimal interface between individuals and digital systems. Throughout the process, UX designers consider user research, information architecture, and functionality to create elegant and efficient systems.

UX Design Sample Courses

Human-Machine Interaction and Usability
This course provides an overview and introduction to the nature of human to machine interaction. The course focuses on solving design problems using principles of cognitive psychology, linguistics, social sciences, and ethnography.

Technology Intensive
UX design skills require a solid knowledge of practical aspects of a number of digital tools, technologies, and resources. Projects focus on building knowledge related to industry standard tools through a sequence of exercises employing the most relevant UX technology.

Students in Prototyping create their first team-based digital UX prototype. Teams work in a model production environment beginning with researching, brainstorming, modeling ideas, and combining, expanding, and refining concepts, and the creation of multiple drafts while seeking feedback from diverse groups of people, including end users, and clients.

Faculty Highlights

Glennette Clark
Founder and CDO of Lazy Smart Consulting, and producer of UXCamp DC, Mobile UXCamp DC, and UXCamp NYC. She is an educator and advocate dedicated to evangelizing the value of design in all areas of business. Glennette also serves as Director of Marketing and Communications for UXPA International. She has BA in journalism from Howard University and Strategic Design MBA from Philadelphia University.

Catharine Robertson
Has worked in UX for 20 years with universities, financial services, government contracting, nonprofits, and design agencies. She is currently tackling enterprise health IT challenges affecting the healthcare of all American patients. She co-organizes Ignite Baltimore and the Baltimore UX Meetup. Catharine earned a BS in sociology and anthropology, and she has further training in special education and improv comedy.

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