UX Design, Online MPS
Balance clients' goals with users' perceptions to create products and systems that are as elegant as they are excellent.

The Master of Professional Studies (MPS) degree focuses on an applied field of study and develops practical skills. The program is delivered online in 15 months with three mini-residencies on campus that foster interdisciplinary collaboration. Perfect for current and aspiring professionals, MPS students are able to maintain a work-life balance. Students explore both the design and computer science sides of the user-experience equation. They master analytical problem solving and design thinking of UX principles that figure significantly in today's tech-focused marketplace. The demand for UX designers ranges from gaming and entertainment to healthcare and education.

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1300 W Mt Royal Ave, Baltimore, MD 21217

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What is a Master of Professional Studies (MPS) degree?

- focuses on an applied field of study

- develops practical skills

- perfect for current and aspiring professionals

- delivered online over just 15 months

- mini-residencies foster interdisciplinary collaboration

- students maintain a work-life balance



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Round 3 - April 4

Round 4 - July 1

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